Date & Time: 10/27/18 2:13pm Eastern
Frequency: Always
World name: Adamantoise
Character name: Zeth Hiryu
Retainer name: N/A
NPC name: N/A
Monster name: N/A
Class/Level: BLM 43, SMN 30, RDM 55
Party or solo: Solo
In-game time: N/A
Area and coordinates: N/A
Housing: N/A
1. Be on any job, including Casters.
2. Looking at caster gear in retainer, inventory, armoury chest, and gobbie bag.
3. All caster gear ABOVE their levels show WHITE text as if equip-able, instead of being RED for being unequippable. Also shows BLUE "X" instead of RED "X".
4. Example 1: Arhat Dogi of Casting = Lv.70 [THM, ACN, BLM, SMN, RDM] = Shows WHITE text BLUE X, but none of my caster's are Lv.70 = Wrong
5. Example 2: Arhat Togi of Aiming = Lv.70 [ARC, BRD, MCH] = Shows RED text RED X, none of my ranged are Lv.70 = Correct
6. This seems to apply to all of caster gear above their level.

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- Type of internet connection/provider: Cable/Armstrong
- Modem maker/model number: N/A


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