(This is for the Windows/PC version at least.)

Date & Time: 10/21/2018 approx. 3:30 p.m. (ET)
Frequency: always
World name: Sargatanas
Character name: Naoh'a Lanbatal
Retainer name: n/a
NPC name: n/a
Monster name:n/a
Class/Level: Astrologian (AST) lvl 70
Party or solo: solo
In-game time: any time
Area and coordinates: anywhere
Housing: n/a
1. Cast Benefic.
2. Repeat as necessary.
3. Be granted "Enhanced Benefic II" status.
4. Mouse over icon for "Enhanced Benefic II" status in either party list or status effects list.
5. Tooltip reads "Next Benefic II will deal critical damage." This should instead read "Next Benefic II will restore critical HP." because it is a healing spell; this would also match the description given in the help text for Benefic ("15% chance next Benefic II will restore critical HP".)