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    One Time Password Stopped Working

    So, I noticed my phone was about 3 minutes off. I checked my settings and realized the automatic date and time was turned off, so I turned it back on. Had issues logging in and realized that changing the time probably changed my password sync. I synchronized with the server and still am getting a wrong password response.

    Do I have to do an emergency removal of the token and reinstall?

    Edit: Managed to fix it by setting my clock 3 minutes ahead. Really annoying. Thankfully I have it on two phones, so I might use my old one set a few minutes ahead for the password and keep my actual phone accurate.
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    Thank you for posting in the Final Fantasy XIV Technical Forums,

    Unfortunately the issue you are describing is something we are not able to assist with in the Technical Support Forum. In order get the proper support, you will need to contact the North American Support Center. To assist with contacting them, we have gone ahead and opened a support ticket for you. The ticket number has been sent to the email associated to your Square Enix ID.

    This thread will be moved to ‘Support Center Ticket Created’.

    Hope you see you online!