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    401 and 601 Error

    I’ve had both a 401 and a 601 Error with my card. I googled what this meant and it was saying a possible card error, so I called my bank and there is no error on their end. I have my subscription renewal in 3 days which I am unable to do as it looks like SE has a problem with my card.

    I’ve sent 2 emails now with no response and I would like to know what to do to get this fixed as it’s not on my end that this issue is being caused.

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    Good morning and thank you for posting on the Final Fantasy XIV Technical Support Forums.

    401 and 601 errors are billing errors. Unfortunately, this means they cannot be addressed on the technical support forums. We have created a ticket for you and sent an email to the address associated with your Square Enix account. This email will contain information that will help with the error and provide some alternatives.

    We will continue support via email and this thread will be moved to 'Support Center Ticket Created.'

    Thank you for visiting the Final Fantasy XIV Technical Support Forums.

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