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Thread: Mogstation

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    Every time try to pay using my debit card get 401 error but when use paypal using same card no problems at all. Please fix the Mogstation so don't get error every time use debit card. Never once had problem before using my bank of America card and bought tons of stuff from Mogstation.

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    Good morning and thank you for posting on the Final Fantasy XIV Technical Support Forums.

    A 401 error is not a technical issue, nor is it an issue with the Mogstation itself. It is a billing issue and, as such, cannot be addressed here. We have sent a response to the email associated with your Square Enix account. This should give you more information regarding the 401 error and potential solutions. We will continue support via email and this thread will be moved to 'Support Center Ticket Created.'

    Thank you for visiting the Final Fantasy XIV Technical Support Forums.