We are pleased to present the full digest of the Letter from the Producer LIVE Part XLVI! If you missed the live stream, or if you just want to watch it again (and again), check it out below!


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Patch 4.4 Special Part 2
As this is the second part of the Patch 4.4 special, we introduced some of the new content by showing it off with live gameplay.

Omega: Alphascape
We kicked off the show with some footage inside Omega: Alphascape. Be sure to check it out!

Patch 4.4 Release Date
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Patch 4.4 is scheduled to go live on Tuesday, September 18.

Upcoming Contents and Features from Patch 4.4
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For job adjustments, we're planning to increase the damage output for black mage and samurai.

Also, in order to maintain balance with summoner, we are going to increase the strength of red mage's single target and AoE attacks.

Additionally, we're planning other adjustments, such as adjustments to improve the usability of some actions like ground target and AoE actions (Passage of Arms as an example). We're planning to make these actions execute immediately. Until now, these actions executed their effect alongside the visual effect, so with this change, it should make it easier to manage when to use these actions. Also, some people were worried that ninja may get nerfed as they felt they were a bit strong, but worry not, we have no plans to make adjustments for ninja.

The Forbidden Land of Eureka Pagos Adjustments, and Pyros scheduled for Patch 4.45
We've received a lot of feedback stating that Pagos feels like it is repetitive because of the number of monsters you had to go defeat to keep the chains going compared to Anemos, where many options were available for leveling.

Based on this feedback, we have greatly increased the amount of EXP you can earn by defeating NMs in order to add additional methods to level up.

We may ease up on the Eureka weapon upgrades as well; however, there were those who were able to complete them fairly quickly, so we would like to continue watching the situation for this one, just a bit longer. We would like to continue making adjustments based on everyone's feedback, so we ask you to please continue to share it with us.

With that said, we're currently considering making the play style of Pyros closer to Anemos.

As mentioned in the previous Letter from the Producer LIVE, we're implementing a new system called the Logos system that allows players to hold a another role temporarily, such as DPS players gaining the role of a tank. The development for the fourth installment of the Forbidden Land of Eureka is in the works, and we're preparing a mechanic that'll require utilizing this Logos system. For this reason, we would like players to get used to this new system in Pyros.

The main feature of the third upgrade of the Eureka weapons is that you can push secondary attributes such as spell speed to their maximum limit. It'll be a feature where players can create and attach the stats they would like to.

Grand Company Squadron Updates
As mentioned in the previous stream, we'll be making adjustments so that those who haven't played much can catch up faster. We also prepared new equipment for the Captain rank.

Configuration Data Now Saved to Server
This feature has been finalized and we're currently proceeding carefully with the debugging phase, because if there's an issue it could lead to the complete lost of the config data. This actually has happened during our tests, so we've added a feature that'll create a backup on the client-side before the data is uploaded to the server to strengthen the safety of the feature. As we want to be careful with this system, we're planning to implement this feature only for the Windows version in Patch 4.45. Once we can confirm it's safe, then we'll be adding this feature for the PS4 version as well.

New Trials - Hells' Kier
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We've shown gameplay footage of the trial, so be sure to check out the video. The second half of the battle features a song with Japanese lyrics, which is sung by Nanjo Yoshino, the Japanese voice actor of Krile, so please look forward to it!

The Lost Canals of Uznair Updated
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We've also shown gameplay footage of this new dungeon, so take a look.
Various mechanics will occur based on the result of the roulette. You can challenge the roulette up to 5 times, and players will be forced out of the dungeon when the roulette stops on the Atomos circle.

Just like the currently existing version, there are surprise features as well, so please look forward to those as well.

The portal will randomly take players to the old or the new dungeon of the Lost Canals of Uznair, but the new dungeon is set to appear at a higher rate.

Fan Festival In-game Bonus Items
We've shown actual footage of the mount and minions, which will be available as part of in-game bonus item for Fan Festival attendees. These will also be available for purchase on the Mog Station for those who aren't able to attend as well.

Housing Update
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We showed gameplay footage of the new mannequin indoor furnishing and the new estate tag feature. While we were showing how to purchase gear stored on a mannequin, as well as how to set it up, we've also shown off the new glamour gear that'll be added in Patch 4.4.

The equipment added to the mannequin can be set in a way where you don't have to sell them, but only display them to show off your glamour setups as well. You can also equip the mannequins with job-specific equipment.

When setting up a mannequin, you'll need to assign a retainer for each mannequin to be able to sell the equipment they're wearing. By accessing the mannequin, you can set up the sale of the equipment, as well as change their pose. We've made it so you can check the market price directly from the mannequin so it'll be easier to check and assign the price for the equipment.

Furthermore, when selling items worn by the mannequin, you have the option to sell the piece as a set or as individual pieces. However, when sold as a set, other players won't be able to purchase those set item from the market board, so instead, it'll display the character name of the person selling the item, so they can contact the player to visit their home to purchase the set of equipment. We would like to make it so that you can look up the players housing location in the future, but for now, we would like to players to communicate with each other or enjoy acting out the role of a seller and buyer.

In Patch 4.4, gear that is displayed on the mannequin will also occupy slots in the retainer's list of items for sale. We're planning to separate this in the future, but please note that it's done this way as we have prioritized so that the mannequin system is linked with the market board.

As for the estate tag feature, players can assign up to three tags to display what type of estate they're running. For example, you can set tags such as role-playing, aquarium, and bar to show that you're role-playing, and running a bar with an aquarium-like feel. Estate tags can be checked from the ward selection menu.

Gold Saucer Update
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We tried out the new jumping-based GATE called the Leap of Faith. This is similar to the Kugane Tower and the jumping puzzle we had in this year's Moonfire Faire. Players can earn MGP by completing the puzzle, but also earn MGP collecting items placed throughout the map as well.

This time, we're starting with the Ruins of Sil'dih, but there are several patterns of how the objects and items will be placed, so we believe you'll be able to enjoy this repeatedly.