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    Cool Your New Family Awaits ("Pyros" Recruiting)

    Thank you for taking the time to learn about us. I'm Fire, and I created Firesworn Nation because I sincerely believe I can foster a worthwhile experience for other players. There are many free companies to choose from, so allow me a moment to share with you why I believe we're well worth your consideration.

    I created this free company when the game was first released, but I've only recently begun recruiting. I wanted to wait until I felt I could give it proper care and attention. I'm an active gamer with experience playing FFXI and FFXIV since their respective inceptions, and I have many years of experience managing guilds as large as one thousand people.

    My goal is many-fold: to provide an engaging, helpful atmosphere (free of ego, minimal conflict); to help newer players with all of their needs (advice, gear, companions to play with); and to be competitive where it matters (events, PvP). Some of the many things you can expect from us include the following:

    • New Player Friendly!
    • Tolerant, Helpful, and Friendly Guildmates
    • Tier 3 Boosts Active 24/7 (Different Boosts are Rotated Each Day)
    • Free Private Rooms at the Free Company Estate*
    • All Housing Content Unlocked (Both Air and Sea)
    • Many Ships Available for Free Company Use
    • Omni Crafters to Help Provide Gear and Other Items at Cost
    • Free Access to Potions, Materia, Seeds, Paint, Food, and Other Consumables in the Company Chest
    • Advice and People to Play with in Dungeons, Exploration, etc.
    • Competent Guidance on Classes, Jobs, Duties, Crafting, Gathering, Hunts, PvP, etc.
    • A Place Where Your Voice is Heard

    I manage guilds as a democracy, choosing never to put myself above anyone else. That has always been very important to me. I spread out responsibilities to those who are both willing and able. You'll never be expected to take on any role you do not freely wish to volunteer for. Most importantly, I consider anyone who joins us to be part of a family. We put real life first of course, but we care for one another when we are in Eorzea together.

    I hope you'll consider joining us!
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