We're a casual raid group looking for some new members. Real life has left us down a few slots. We're an easy going group that's currently working on 8s. Ideally, we're looking for a melee DPS and a healer, but we have some flexibility as a few members have shown a willingness to change roles.

We don't have a set schedule, and use discord to communicate outside of game and organize runs. Generally, we begin running things from around 6-6:30pm PST depending on people's schedules.

This is not a group for hardcore speed-running parse masters, We always strive to get better, but we're happy as long as we're clearing. We don't require you to be a super experienced raider, just know your job decently. We'd be willing to help get clears for 5-7 for someone who's a good fit with us. If you're interested, please leave a message here or in game with your main job, raiding experience, and availability. (Synde Tarutani)