First of all, english is not my first language, I apologize in advance.

Second of all, my idea might be far-fetched but bear with me! I have been thinking about how the housing system is so restrictive. It is one of the endgame opportunities, one which I enjoy a lot and so does a lot of you out there! How many times have I seen a piece of furniture or architectural detail and be like "oh damn, that's nice, I wish I had that in my house/garden". I've stopped counting.

That being said, I've had an idea on how to develop and expand the housing sytem further. Please tell me if this idea already exist or has already been discussed, though I have not seen it in the quick searches I have done.

So, how about the dev team did implement Blue Mage, but not in the way everyone would expect, considering how the battle system has been created and implemented... what if they created some kind of DoL/DoH BLU for housing! Just imagine, you could run around Eorzea trying to retrieve some new furnitures or plans.

I must admit I haven't really planned out all the details, but it could be something along the lines of: you study a piece of furniture or a housing detail / you somehow are able to get a duplicate or get schematics. Those schematics could be sold to DoH (new class or not) for them to learn how to craft them - kinda like the master recipes system? My point is I know how the housing system is a good market for some of the DoHs, so maybe that way, it would not crash that system?

I for one would really enjoy being able to change how the architectural details look inside the house... I sometimes find that those pillars don't necessarily fit well with the decor, so I end up using alot of Stage Panels to hide them and have a more clean look. I am sure I mustn't be the only one.

Any thoughts?