I'm not sure where the best place is to provide suggestions or requests, aside from live letter questions.

Anyways, I had a few suggestions for the UI and HUD. It would be nice if we could separate the duty finder timers and information from the actual duty list that tracks quests. I don't like having the quest list up, since I always just go to the journal anyways, but still want to keep track of queue lengths and instance information.

Another request is an option for a more compact party list, or at least options for what to show and hide in the current list. Not every job needs to see the mp or tp values for every party member, or keep track of 5 buffs + additional debuffs.
Making a more compact party list could look like thinner bars that are stacked and colorcoded like the parameter bar, with less buffs and smaller buff icons shown. Bonus points if we could configure how it's shown, whether we have one row of eight or two rows of 4 party members.