This may be a reference to an old thread, but the issue is not fixed and should be re-categorized.

Date & Time: 11:09 pm 6/28/2018 - 6/29/2018
Frequency: 2x
World name: Sargatanas
Character name: Aria Cross
NPC name: Nervous Namazu
Monster name:
Class/Level: BTN 62
Party or solo: solo
In-game time: 5 pm Eorzea
Area and coordinatesawn Throne / South of Reunion lush vegetation bush

1. Take the quest Taking The Plunge
2. Go talk to Nervous Namazu at Dawn Throne
3. Read the quest text, it says to go to south reunion,
4. access the lush vegetation bushes with BTN, there is no "vine"
*Add more steps if necessary
I'm pretty sure I can reproduce this tomorrow.