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    Bad front hair clipping on Bonewicca Masks, oversight?

    I don't know all the hairstyles for other races so I'll just say it is with male Midlander, row 9, column 2. I did not test with other hairstyles since that isn't the point here.

    I only have the Wildling's and Soother's Mask to know which ones it applies to but I imagine it is all of them. Maybe this isn't a new thing for other pieces but it is much more noticeable between these masks and other items. And there seems to be an alternative solution that already applies to a different item which I will explain.

    First we have things like the Allagan Visor of Maiming, this is a mask that goes over the eyes, and the front of the hair goes "over" the mask, this looks normal so it's not as noticeable because that's how the hair would work.

    Then we have the Bonewicca masks which cover the eyes, but also seems to be bulky up top like a helmet. Except in this case the front part of the hair clips right through the mask, and makes it look absolutely ridiculous. If you wanted to wear said mask, you would probably need to pick a different hairstyle cause it looks that bad.

    The Solution:
    The Arhat Kabuto of Scouting meanwhile is a mask/helmet that goes over the eyes AND it covers up the front part of the hair like it would be intended. This in turn looks normal and the front hair does not clip through it.

    Now I don't know how their layering system works but it seems obvious from other helmets that outright cover your head so the hair isn't shown, to this Arhat Kabuto that clearly goes over the hair, to the Bonewicca stuff which seems "under" the front hair, that something can possibly be done about it.

    Whatever layering is applied to the Arhat Kabuto of Scounting should be applied to the Bonewicca Masks so the front hair does not clip.


    Apparently it is listed as an accepted bug on the Japanese forums, at least that's what it seemed like when someone over there replied to the post I made about it on the Japanese forum section. We'll see how long it takes to get fixed.
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