Continuing where I went off:

1. Do something more with the Faerie Gauge. You could have a DPS ability that uses some or another heal or support ability or something...
2. Remove or Change Silent Dusk on Selene. Even with all Fairy skills becoming Abilities that take priority over whatever your fairy was doing, this is very niche. You first have to have no one else in your party who can Stun (Tanks or Range with Role Class, MNK, DRG, or even a WHM with Holy. There's also AST but they shouldn't be using Celestial Opposition to Stun things), then you have to have Selene out over Eos, who is more valued right now. You could replace it with another support ability or maybe a version of Eos's Whispering Dawn so Selene can have some healing support.
3. Just have the Fairy float and follow who they are tethered when under Fey Union.
4. A way to refresh DoTs.

1. Lillies. Do something with them.
2. Do something with Fluid Aura. In my dream world, Fluid Aura would do damage and not have knockback.
3. Maybe have Presence of Mind and Thin Air effected by Lillies.
4. Have a way for HoTs to give Lillies, whether it be RNG or doing x-amount of tics or something.