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    Ginga Wing Animation Problem

    Date & Time: Anytime
    Frequency: Always
    World name: Fenrir
    Character name: Zorixas Xalevor
    Class/Level: All Classes
    Party or solo: Both
    In-game time: Anytime
    Area and coordinates: All areas that allow flying
    1. Travel to any area which allows flying.
    2. Summon the Ginga mount.
    3. Take off into the air.
    4. Do not move in any direction.
    5. Observe the base of the right wing from behind.

    The right wing of the Ginga mount is not animated properly. The metal feathers nearest the base do not move as much as the feathers on the left wing. The same animation problem was observed on the Goten mount as well.

    Here is a video of the wing's animation problem:
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