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    Issue with hotbar switching in 4.3 quest

    When submitting a bug report, please use the below template and thoroughly fill out the necessary information.

    Date & Time: 23.05.2018
    World name: Odin
    Character name: Astral Thalia
    Retainer name:
    NPC name:
    Monster name:
    Party or solo: Solo
    In-game time:
    Area and coordinates: The Rising Stones

    Not a bug, but it's a small issue...

    1. The main scenario quest, [SPOILER] "Emissary of the Dawn" in patch 4.3[/SPOILER] that switch out our ability/pet (cross) hotbar.
    2. Using my gamepad I swapped to a different hotbar set. Was then unable to return to using the abilities given for the quest, even when tapping L1+R1 buttons on the controller like with mounting, and couldn't access those abilities through the abilities menu because of the "status" in the quest. Had to re-do the quest because of this.

    Though I really liked the quest, it was interesting and new , and I hope we see more like this (and that we can replay it through "Unending Journey" at inns)

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    Laptop Model Name: Lenovo Yoga 500
    Laptop Model Number: 80N4

    Gamepad Manufacturer: Sony
    Gamepad Model Name: Dualshock 4
    Gamepad Part Number:

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    Salutations, Astral Thalia!

    Thank you for your patience while your concern was being investigated, and we apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you. After reviewing your report, it isn't clear if you tried pressing R1 on your Dualshock 4 controller, which should help switch between your hotbar and EX hot bar. If you have tried doing this and are still experiencing issues, please resubmit your report, and we will make sure to escalate your report again to the development team to continue on with the review of this concern. Thanks again for your patience and understanding!

    FINAL FANTASY XIV Support Team

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