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    [LFM] Midcore Static Starting in Mid June 2018 | GMT+8

    Looking for casually hardcore players who is good in their main class and flexible with raid mechanics! Jokers/ Roegadyn welcome! ;/

    Jobs Needed/ Requirements
    at least 8s god kekfa progression!
    Healer 1 -Filled
    Healer 2 - Filled
    Melee DPS 2 - NIN, Monk, Brd Or Mch[yes, phy range to assume melee role]
    Range DPS 1 - Filled
    Range DPS 2 - Filled

    Tentative Start Date: The week of 19 June 2018
    Times: Tues/ Wed/ 9.30pm - 12.30am

    We will prioritise weeklies Savage up to 8s > UWU
    Interested parties kindly pm me on discord! cocy#8606 or in game if u see me around ign: Cocy Frankenstein
    We are a bunch jokers bitching about pugs all the time bwahaha, trying to find a close knitted group and exchange rotation advices! On occasion we trap people too =P
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