Outside of dungeons/roulettes, I play solo... and I usually play a healer. I am not a good dps player. I've managed to solo grind my way to elemental level 8... still no protean. I don't bother keeping track of the chains but I do know they drop from time to time. Sure I can admit the reason I don't have my first crystal yet is my own fault... but its also the fault of how the content is designed. I just really don't like it and get bored with it really quickly. I've only done Eureka in short spurts when I can stomach it. And the fact that I have to use a phrase like "when I can stomach it" really says to me that there's something wrong with how the content is designed.

I'd be less concerned about Eureka if the relic wasn't gated behind it. If not for the relic I would just chalk Eureka up as "not for me" content and ignore it. But if I want the relic... and I do... I have no choice but to "stomach" it. I joined the train ONCE... because someone invited me... and it was an awful experience. My low elemental level left me all but useless outside of being a res bot, everything one shot me, and the xp gains were abysmally low. I had little to show for the time and unpleasant experience.

I don't like Eureka's design. My only hope I guess is that eventually they make adjustments like they tend to do to ease early parts of the relic quest. But if the whole relic advancement is tied to Eureka I'm not sure I can bring myself to complete it. I just don't like this style of content and tying something as relevant as the relic to it really sucks for me.