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    Quote Originally Posted by Ariellendera View Post
    Hello Ceallach, Thank you for your response.
    Other than this error happening one time (hence this thread existing in the first place), I've had no issues regardless of these fixes. I did them anyway, but there wasn't a slider for the Privacy tab, and I couldn't figure out the SSL and TLS stuff.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ariellendera View Post

    I would like to ask if it would be possible for you to do a trace route and post the results here?
    That seems kind of irrelevant. My location is also definitely not something I'd want posted on a public forum. Is there a more private method?

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    Thank you for the reply Ceallach,

    We have created a ticket for you and sent an email to the address associated with your Square Enix account. This way, we can provide support in a more private setting.

    We will continue support via email and this thread will be moved to 'Support Center Ticket Created.'

    Thank you for visiting the Final Fantasy XIV Technical Support Forums.

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