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    Friends Recuitment Campaign

    Hi there, i am Jyoshiko from Asura Server. If you join the server and with pleasure to join our Free Company (guild) Machina Seed EN speaking that I'm in! Hope to meet you there.
    here is my friend code:

    How to use the codes:
    1. Create a Square Enix account.
    2. Go to the Mogstation (
    3. Log in and go to Manage Service Options
    4. Click on Enter Recruitment Code and enter the code.
    5. Enjoy the game and the rewards that come with it!

    Using the code you will receive:
    • Friendship Circlet - Increases EXP earned by 20% when level 25 and below.
    • Aetheryte Ticket x 99 - Players in possession of an aetheryte ticket when using Teleport will not incur a gil fee.
    • Ballroom Etiquette - Unique emote Fist Bump (/fistbump, /brofist)
    • 10 Silver Chocobo Feathers - Trade to the Calamity Salvager NPC for special items
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