I only noticed the changes after i entered the Duty from the Duty Finder. It happens sometime between when i change from a Disciple of Hand to the Job i queued with (Red Mage both times) and when I'm actually in the Duty.

I don't remember where I was the first time, but I noticed Mana shift Disappeared from my hotbar when i entered Aetherochemical Research Facility.

I was in Ul'dah at the Steps of Thal the second time (when my hotbar changed it's layout from 1x12 to 2x6)

Both times I had to change from a Disciple of the Hand to Red Mage after the Notice from the Duty Finder appeared prompting me to join. The second time I was in the middle of a craft.

This doesn't always happen though, I've been waiting in queue all day like this and it's popped while I've been crafting a couple times.

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Date & Time: 1/14/2018
Frequency: two times during ~7 hours of playtime
World name: Hyperion
Character name: Geoffrey Vagari

NPC name:
Monster name:
Class/Level: LTW 25 / RDM 70
Party or solo: solo, but I'm not certain if this happens before or after i accept the Prompt for joining a Duty.
In-game time: Unknown, sorry.
Area and coordinates: Deltascape IV & III
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Connection Specs
- Type of internet connection/provider: NTT Optical playing on a wireless network.
- Modem maker/model number: NTT GE-ONU?

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Laptop Model Name: ASUS G75VT RH71
Laptop Model Number: 7265NGW

Browser Information
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- Google Chrome Version 63.0.3239.132 (Official Build) (64-bit)