When going through UI options on my wife's character on her ps4, and my character on my pc....under Display Options, i noticed that the ps4's have an "Enlarge UI" box u can be selected to enlarge the main menu, title screen, and character selection screen while still keeping the OTHER ui elements like the HUD and display name the normal size.

I have my high resolution settings on 100% HD, 1920.1080 with the UI at 110% on my pc, that gives me the sizing i like for the game on my PC. But my main Menu, title screen, and character selection screen as well as the NPC dialogue text is way to small.

My wife has the exact same settings on her ps4, however she has that "Enlarge UI" option right beside her "High resolution option" under display settings....where as myself on PC do not, nor does any other PC user of FFXIV that i have spoken too.

It seems like only PS4 has this option, and PC is missing it.