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Date & Time: Starting 12/01/2017
Frequency: Always
World name: Balmung
Character name: Ricard Windcaller
Retainer name: N/A
NPC name: Chocobo?
Monster name: Chocobo?
Class/Level: N/A
Party or solo: solo
In-game time: N/A
Area and coordinates: The Mists (ward 12, plot 27)
Housing: The Mists (ward 12, plot 27)
1. Noticed there was a chocobo in my FC stable that belonged to someone that wasn't in the FC or had ever been in the FC
2. Tried to remove the chocobo, could not
3. Tried to contact the person, never online
4. Used player search to find out this character isn't even on the same server as I am, but on Jenovah (player name: Sai Sakimuri)
5. Tried to pick up chocobo stables, unable to do that with a stabled chocobo
6. Submitted a bug report sometime in 12/17, no response
7. Submitted a second bug report again in 12/17 no response
8. Called support hotline and breifed them of the subject, was told I would recieve an answer via an in game GM or Email, no response
9. Proceeded to report the issue four more times using the bug report feature with no response
10. Used the report harassment feature to try and get an answer, directed towards forums
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