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    Welcome to the "Technical Support" Forum!

    The purpose of this forum is to provide a place for the Support Center representatives to offer assistance with technical issues and for users to find a quick resolution to issues they may be experiencing. FINAL FANTASY XIV players may also discuss issues with each other and offer potential resolutions to concerns.

    Please carefully read and adhere to the following rules and Forum Guidelines (NA & EU) before posting.
    • Rules on Technical Support:
      • This forum is for discussion of technical issues. Other topics, such as game discussion, should be done in the appropriate forums.
      • Support Center representative assistance in the forum will be primarily offered during North American Support Center hours. (Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Pacific Time)
      • Please submit bug reports by posting in the Bug Reports forum.
      • Only new threads related to your own issues may be created.
      • Due to privacy concerns, any technical issues that may involve personal information should be handled by contacting us directly via the Square Enix Support Center. (NA & EU). (Example: Account verification, location, ISP, IP address, etc.)
        • For issues that eventually require this type of information, a support ticket will be created by the staff on your behalf, so we can continue to assist you through a private method of communication.
    • Categories
      • Technical Support
        This is a place for both FINAL FANTASY XIV players and the Support Center representatives to diagnose technical issues and find a quick resolution to issues.

      • Support Center Ticket Created
        When an issue is moved to a quicker or more private means of communication, the thread will be moved to this subforum to indicate the status of the issue. Once the issue has been resolved, or abandoned, it will be moved to the appropriate subforum.

      • Support Center Resolved
        If an issue has been resolved through assistance from the Support Center representatives, it will be placed in this subforum to indicate that the resolution was handled through means recommended by the Support Center.

      • Closed Concerns
        If a reported issue is self-resolved, abandoned, or resolved through means that the Support Center cannot recommend, it will be placed in this subforum to indicate that the concern is now closed.

      • Separate Support Required
        If a reported issue cannot be resolved by the Support Center (Examples: hardware issue, ISP issue, etc.), it will be moved to this subforum. The appropriate contact information to receive further support will be provided.
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