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    Feast "Kill notification" in 8vs8

    As anyone can reproduce this small bug easily, pls forgive me for not using the bug template.

    This "bug" only occurs in the 8vs8 FeastTraining Mode, as it is possible to change classes before the fight starts. The picture below shows the usual kill notification, the thing is, if you queued this mode e.g. as a healer it will display you as healer even though you changed your class in the 1min preparation time before the fight begins to a damage dealer or tank.
    This has no impact on achievements or grants any advantages/disadvantages, it is just that notification, in 4vs4(rated, training and custom mode) it is impossible to change classes so it cant happen there.

    Other players will see the same thing.

    Classes for the notification need to be checked when the fight starts(after 1min) and not at entry, once it starts it is impossible to change class for the whole match even in 8vs8.

    Edit: well patchnotes
    "An issue in the Feast (8 on 8 - Training) wherein changing jobs would not update the UI accordingly."
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