Date & Time: October 10, 2017
Frequency: Once
World name: Mateus
Character name: Kotone Tsuyoyari
Retainer name: None
NPC name: None
Monster name: None
Class/Level: Dragoon lvl 70
Party or solo: Solo
Area and coordinates: Shirogane
Housing: Plot 23, 8 Ward, Shirogane (Small)
1. Free Company relocated estate to Shirogane
2. When I attempted to enter my room, I was given the option to purchase a new room and the option to "go to your own chambers" was missing
3. I entered my own room through "enter specific chambers" but was unable to access any of the housing options for the room
4. The room is still registered under my name, but I can't move or remove any of the furnishings inside as if the room belongs to someone else

Connection Specs
- Type of internet connection/provider: SILO wireless high speed
- Modem maker/model number: Asus AC2400

■ PC Specs
(I'm submitting from my laptop not my gaming computer right now, but I can post this later if it's relevant.)