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    <Imperium> FC (English speaking) Open Recruitment !

    Greetings Warriors of Light!

    The Imperium <IMP> was founded on 4th September, 2017 on Ridill with the intentions of bringing together English speaking, New / Returning / Veteran / Other Server FFXIV players into a single Free Company to enhance their playing experience. . . be it general help with progression, looking for a consistent team for trials/raids, or simply for the social aspect of playing an MMORPG with English speaking players.

    Our Vision;
    To be the best competitive FC in Ridill while striving to improve, and to be accessible, inclusive and diverse.

    Our Mission;
    To empower all our FC members and friends on Gaia data center to achieve more in FFXIV.

    FC Property;
    Shirogane - Plot 35, Ward 3

    Do look us up in-game and send in an application to the FC or PM (in-game) the following for more details;

    1) Alpharius Alexandros
    2) Ter Vel
    3) Solaris Sun
    4) Shiroi Valtin

    We can be found at. . .
    Imperium Lodestone -
    Imperium Discord -

    Concordia Integritas Industria -Imperium
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