Date & Time: 9/12/2017 19:48pm
Frequency: Once, so far
World name: Faerie
Character name: Ezzie Serris
Monster name: Halicarnassus
Class/Level: Samurai lv 70
Party or solo: Party
In-game time: [Instanced]
Area and coordinates: Gyr Abania - Deltascape V3.0
1. I died shortly before the end of the fight, so no one bothered to revive me. No problem.
2. After the boss was defeated, I chose to respawn at the entrance of the dungeon (where the party begins the battle)
3. This is where the problem happens. I'm now trapped inside of an invisible corral that is roughly the size of the barrier which surrounds the party at the beginning of the trial. No attacks, sprints, or jumps can get me outside of the area, and the "Return" command is unavailable. I was forced to leave the duty via the Duty Finder.

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- Type of internet connection/provider: Spectrum
- Modem maker/model number: Netgear (cannot access model number)

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- Model Number: MB066740964