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    Several Titles Bugged

    When submitting a bug report, please use the below template and thoroughly fill out the necessary information.

    Date & Time: Since 2.0 character creation.
    Frequency: Always
    World name: Lamia
    Character name: Siegward Aldreich
    Retainer name: N/A
    NPC name: N/A
    Monster name: N/A
    Class/Level: N/A
    Party or solo: N/A
    In-game time: N/A
    Area and coordinates: N/A
    Housing: N/A
    1. Verify that "Tales of Magic" achievement under Achievement data (Quests > Quests) has been unlocked (Complete all the Disciple of Magic quests available at level 30).
    2. Verify my list of titles and "Seeker of Truth" is not available.
    3. Verify "To Kill a Mocking Bird" achievement under Achievement data (Legacy > Quests) has been unlocked (Defeat Sazel Ciloc the Divine under the Battle for Hyrstmill.)
    4. Verify my list of titles and "Divine Crusher" is not available.
    5. Verify "First Blood: Hyrstmill" achievement under Achievement data (Legacy > Quests) has been unlocked (Receive a scre of 50,000 or better for your efforts during a victorious campaing in the Battle for Hyrstmill)
    6. Verify my list of titles and "An Ixal's Worst Nightmare" is not available.
    7. Verify "Royal Audience" achievement under Achievement data (Legacy > Seasonal Events) has been unlocked (Obtain a peach blossom earring)
    8. Verify my list of titles and "Royal Seneschal" is not available.

    I reported this in 2014 and it was accepted but I never got a solution from the dev team.

    *Add more steps if necessary

    Connection Specs
    - Type of internet connection/provider: N/A
    - Modem maker/model number: N/A

    ■ PC Specs

    To obtain the system information, open the FFXIV launcher and select Config → System Information → Display.

    -=-=-=-=- System Information -=-=-=-=-

    Laptop Model Name: N/A
    Laptop Model Number: N/A

    Gamepad Manufacturer: N/A
    Gamepad Model Name: N/A
    Gamepad Part Number: N/A

    Browser Information
    - Name and version of the browser currently in-use:
    - Internet Explorer Version: N/A

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    Greetings, Siegward Aldreich. I am very sorry to hear that you are missing Titles for Achievements that you earned during FINAL FANTASY XIV 1.0. As we would like to assist further, please place an in-game call through the Support Desk using the 'Report Harassment' option so that we may offer any possible resolutions. Please accept my apologies for the inconvenience, and thank you for your patience. Have a nice day!