Date & Time: Ongoing from post patch Tuesday
Frequency: Continuous
World name: Phoenix
Character name: Kris Modeen

Party or solo: both
In-game time: Ongoing

Housing: Debauchery Tea Party FC Mansion, Plot 6 Ward 12, Lavender Beds

1. Attempt to complete housing action in garden (e.g tend/harvest, feed birds, fetch from stable)
2. Actions fails and a 'failure to complete housing action' message appears
3. Ongoing. 3 separate FC members have now tried so it appears the entire outside of FC house is bugged.
4. Sent earlier bug report in game with no response. Sent email and reply directed me back here. This has now cost us 8 x Thavnarian onions (2 million gil eek!) and apricot seeds... :-(

Connection Specs
- Type of internet connection/provider: Virgin fibre optic
- Modem maker/model number: Virgin Media Superhub (Netgear)

■ PS4 Specs
Model Number of the PlayStation®4 You Are Using
- Model Number: PS4 Pro