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    New player's growing list of little annoyances

    Hello! First time posting here! I'm on my second month of FFXIV and loving it. Got to Ishgard and leveling my DRK now to continue onward (we need more tanks!). Despite the amazing game that this is there's some little annoyances that, while don't break the game, kinda make it somewhat awkward and frustrating sometimes. I feel like many of these are small things that can be addressed fairly easily, others might take some work. I'm not sure but i'll post it here, if something is missing or is wrong please say, i'll edit it.

    Google Docs link to the list:
    I have to mention that these are things that bother me personally and in no way does that mean that they annoy you or anyone else. Also, some of these are nitpicks, others are frustration-inducers.

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    Some good stuff in this list, some of which I know has been requested previously, but worth restating.

    Some of the items I particularly support:
    • Option to automatically assist on valid spells (casting a damage spell on a friendly will cast it on their target). Currently available through macros but not 'automatic' by any means.
    • Show proc alerts on screen (such as Verfire Ready) Please god yes!
    • Chocobo taxi map for destinations (yes! please god! and for aethernet shards too, please!)
    • Right-click on map to zoom out a level
    • Reporting a player for RMT removes all their chat messages from chatlog and mutes/blocks them for 24 hours
    • RMT regex-based chat filtering
    • Ability to repair ALL equipment with one button

    Some I'm not sure what you mean, exactly:
    • Track Log progress in the quest tracker. Same for Aether Currents progress. -- do you mean in the duty log on the side of the screen? If so, that would be nice -- to be able to add challenge log entries and aether currents for a zone to the duty log.
    • Sticky camera - camera sticks to character and turns with the character, but does not auto-adjust.
      I have my in-game camera set to do this...I think? Not 100% sure based on your description, so apologies if I'm way off the mark.
      My settings (Character Configuration, General tab):
      - Movement settings: Standard Type (Character-based)
      - Camera controls:
      --- Standard Type Camera Auto-adjustment: Never
      --- 1st Person Camera Auto-adjustment: Never
      --- Switch to 1st person view when fully zoomed in: checked

    You may be happy to learn that some items are already in the game in some form:
    • Preview multiple equipment pieces at the same time --- you can do this with an option in the dressing room pane. The button looks like a piece of paper with a thumbtack in it, called Save/Delete Outfit. You can preview dyes in the dressing room now, too!
    • A way to keybind Marks so i can quickly mark targets as 1 or X -- you can do this by dragging the buttons from the Signs pane onto a hotbar and keybinding the hotbar. If you don't want the screen clutter, you can hide the hotbar in the HUD layout pane, leaving only the keybinds. More discussion here: (I know it's kludgey...but it's better than having to try and use the window every time, at least?)
    • Duty popup should say what duty it is. -- I'm not 100% sure, but I believe that when you queue for a specific duty, it does. (However, it doesn't when you choose a roulette because that would somewhat defeat the purpose of the roulettes.)
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