Date & Time: Noticed before July 22, 2017 - ongoing
Frequency: ongoing
World name: Gilgamesh
Character name: Othelia El
Area and coordinates: Housing area
Housing: Goblet, Ward 12, plot 46.


1: planted 3 flax, onion knight, coerthan tea leaves, almonds, a jute, and one other (all 5-6 day plants(not planted in the same day))

2: On July 22nd i realized that my plants in my outdoor garden should have been done but were still in various stages of growing

3: On July 30th my plants had not grown at all (not even to the next stage of foliage) and never asked to be tended to (purple aura), so i posted on one of the ffxiv facebook pages asking for help and submitted a ticket to SE.

4: one suggestion from the FB page was to pull up one of my plants (flax) and try planting a new one to see if that would fix the problem.

5: July 31st at approx 5 pm PST a new flax was planted in place of an old one.

6: August 2nd 8pm PST still no change in any of the original plants or the new one (48+ hours later)

Tl;DR plants in stasis and never growing due to glitch.

System: cross platform (ps4+Windows)