Hi !
White Mage with no real combat experience is looking for a static. I can be available during week-ends, for about 2 to 4 hours in the evening. I have close to zero experience for primals, raiding and will probably blunder a few times before I assimilate mechanics perfectly, BUT...

I come with benefits, the Pros :

I'm a main crafter & gatherer, and can help with the gear.

I am (and have been for about 2 years) a member in a progression-oriented Free company and I'm keeping myself up-to-date with matters that are hardcore-oriented, stats weights, mechanics...etc.

Among all of my DoH and DoL classes, culinarian and alchemist are the ones I enjoy the most and can easily provide first-tier consumables as long as I'm informed early enough.

I am very dedicated to things I involve myself into.

I have played all DPS and healer classes, and warrior, and I have rather good knowledge about classes overall. Could consider playing AST or SCH if needed.

I use Discord.

And now... the Cons (besides being totally new to actual raiding) :

I can't raid the first week a raid tier is released (too busy supporting the progression-raiders from my FC)

I can't join another FC.

Contact me in-game - Honinbo Dosaku - if you're a static and accept beginners.