Unyielding is a level 8 Free Company, founded by several veteran players who needed a change of pace in an FC. It was formed with a Midcore / Casual mindset, with the intention of offering a social and fun environment. We would like to find, like minded people to join in, with a willingness to learn and socialise in a drama-free FC.

We joke around on FC chat although we're mostly on Discord. We're all here to play the game and not feel like the game is turning to a job so might as well enjoy it. We currently do have 1 static group with a few of us having raided together for a few years. We are up to form a 2nd static depending on our members. After lockout we generally assist other FC members.

Currently have a small house in The Goblet, although aiming at securing a bigger plot when Shirogane releases. To contact us, please send a /tell to either Feridis Blood or Rico Mendez in-game or else reply here!!!