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    [MC / Semi-HC][LFM] PLD / AST / DPS!

    Hello and thanks for checking in!

    Long story short, we're building a 2nd static in the FC Azure on Ragnarok and are looking for like-minded people for Omega Savage and future content!

    We're looking for consistency and teamplayers to fill our roster and have fun together.

    Since we're sHC, we expect you to have raid experience and having cleared the past content pre echo and nerfs, if there is potential when you don't meet these requirements, we can discuss it out and give it a try.

    What you can expect from us;
    • Fluent in english and german.
    • We know our classes and play it to the best and always strive to improve even further.
    • Punctuality and quick learning / executing of fights / mechanics.
    • Motivation to raid and clear content! We study and research fights on our own if available and contribute for clears / give feedback!
    • Being able to take and give constructive criticism!
    • A relaxed and chill environment without any toxicity or rage!

    What we expect from you;
    • Pretty much the same as stated above.
    • Be on A12S or A11S close to clear / full experience, we're willed to re-progress for the right group.
    • Good amount of DPS and being able to hold your weight in the static.

    Classes in search:

    PLD | AST | NIN / BRD / RDM

    Raid times (ST):

    Tue + Thu, 3h each day
    Sun, 4h

    (Which times we take are still open to discussion)

    If you're interested, feel free to contact me here, on Discord (Rinkin#3788) or message me ingame (Rinkin Vainchelont).
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    My wife (Ast) 318 and i (Pld) 317 are looking for a consistent ex sb primal and omega savage Static Group that runs 2-3 nights a week. What time are your scheduled statics. We are in EST.