This is freshly founded static, the raid times would be somewhere around from 22h30/23h00 until 03h00 (Server time) and raid days are yet to be determined when we have a better idea of everybody's schedule.

Right now every position is up for grabs. Some things to consider before joining:

- Be respectable and mature.
- No raging, it's fine to be frustrated sometimes but raging is not acceptable.
- Show commitment if you join, though it's OK if you can't make it sometimes due to an important reason.
- Be open to better yourself when facing criticism which only aims to improve.
- Know your job well, it's not expected world first clears levels of proficiency but make an effort to standout.
- Can work with Discord (VC).

Add me on Discord -> oph#5714 <- or leave your discord ID so I can add you.

Positions to fill:
- MT
- OT
- Healer 1
- Healer 2
- Melee DPS 1
- Melee DPS 2
- Caster
- Ranged DPS

Looking forward to raid with you late evening buds!