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    Company of 3za FC is open for recruitment!

    We are Company of 3za. A rank 8 FC and one of the oldest in the server. An FC built by friends and we would love to welcome you all in a friendly environment. We do schedule events for Primals and raids and plan to even go for savage. We also do old content as well! All while taking in consideration the timing and finding out what suits the majority of the members.

    We are looking for active mature players that are looking to do the activities this game offers while having fun at it. Away from the intense hardcore tackle of content. We are mostly active during nighttime (EU time zone) due to work, but we also have members that are active during daytime as well. We accept people from all levels and classes and have no restriction.

    If you would like to know more or have any questions, please do leave a reply here or contact me in game Tyki Mikk.
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