Hello! We are Azure on Ragnarok and we're starting up a static.
About us We're a small group of friends who've raided in multiple HC Statics during Gordias and Midas progression. Our primary focus as a group is to clear raid and trial content while having fun and progressing efficiently, learning and improving as players and as a team as we progress. Currently our roster consists of WHM/SCH, AST, BRD/MCH, NIN, RDM/SMN
What we're looking for As far as classes go, we're currently recruiting specifically Tanks and Melee DPS, however any exceptional players will be considered. What we're looking for from you as a player is someone who can learn quickly, improve and improvise, take constructive critisism and build from it. Also have discord and preferable a mic to talk to the team. I the End the most importent thing: Have Fun
More info We are located on Ragnarok and would like all of our members to be here too, you don't have to be in the FC but you're of course welcome! We intend to raid 4-5 days per week during progression, for 3-4 hours per raid. Raids will start at 6PM ST and finish at 9PM ST unless we are close to killing a boss in which case we expect to extend raid time up to an hour, with 10PM ST being the absolute cut-off time. We will be raiding 5 days on the first week of each Omega release, 4 days on progress, and raiding to clear or do sells
Message me ingame on Ragnarok (Cookie Panda), here on reddit or write me on discord ( CookiePanda#4132 ) for questions or more :3