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    4.0 Minion & Mount Collector's Guide

    Well since I am 4,000+in queue and have nothing better to do *sobs uncontrollably* here is the list of minions, mount and barding for Patch 4.0 - Stormblood. A lot of data is unknown, so please contribute any knowledge you have, though if you can please try to keep spoilers to a minimum


    Wind-up Bartz - Stormblood Collectors Edition Bonus
    Wind-up Red Mage - Stormblood Pre-order Bonus
    Ghido - Dungeon reward from lvl 61 MSQ Dungeon
    Baby Bombfish - Dungeon reward from lvl 63 Side Quest Dungeon
    Road Sparrow - Dungeon reward from lvl 65 MSQ Dungeon
    Mock-up Grynewaht - Dungeon reward from lvl 69 MSQ Dungeon
    Magitek Avenger F1 - Dungeon reward from lvl 70 MSQ Dungeon
    Ivon Coeurlfist Doll - Dungeon reward from lvl 70 Side Quest Dungeon
    Dress-up Yugiri - Dungeon reward from lvl 70 MSQ Dungeon

    Castaway Chocobo Chick - Fished - Eastern La Noscea (Isle of Endless Summer) - Mooched off Wahoo
    Tiny Tatsunoko - Fished using Spearfishing - lvl 70 Node in Ruby Sea - requires trigger (see page 2)
    Bom Boko - Retainer Ventures - Botanist lvl 61 Field Exploration
    Odder Otter - Retainer Ventures - Miner lvl 61 Field Exploration
    Wind-up Chimera -
    Wind-up Khloe - Possible reward from Wondrous Tails book

    Wind-up Bismarck - Crafted (WVR) - using item dropped from Bismark (Extreme)
    Wind-up Susano - Crafted (WVR) - using item dropped from Susano (Extreme)
    Wind-up Lakshmi - Crafted (WVR) - using item dropped from Lakshmi (Extreme)
    Wind-up Meateater - Purchase for 800 Centurio Seals
    Tora-jiro - Purchase for 800 Centurio Seals
    Fox Kit - Exchange for 3 Sassho-Seki Fragments, rewarded from Foxy Lady lvl 70 FATE

    Wind-up Exdeath - Drops from Deltascape V4.0
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