We are small raid FC like a family.

●Free raider
People who want to play with us for selling, farm etc, want to be as back up member, but no need static or don’t mind to wait until spot open. Free schedule. All jobs welcome, WAR/healer(AST/WHM)/DPS(MCH/BRD) are high demand. If better availability, motivation, performance and attitude, can be considered as static.

●Second static (semi hardcore) Preparing second static. LF MT(PLD/DRK), healers(AST/WHM/SCH), MCH/BRD. 7 to 11 PM ST, 4h/4days, can be adjusted time/days.

●Crafter/gatherer People who is interested in supporting FC statics. LF hardcore professional crafter/gatherer, novice also welcome. We help all your contents clear.

Details http://foh.guildwork.com

Discord Ceoria#3184