Nerd Patrol Free company Recruiting!
We, the NERDS are a level 8 small casual friendly and helpful Freecompany with around 10 active players atm. We have a small but nicely decorated FC moogle style house with 2 airships, and are looking for active members of all jobs/levels who would like to participate in organized events, such as exploration missions, running dungeons, socialize, but most of all to have fun!

What you can expect from us:
Our numbers are currently small, but we are active and like to help out, so new players are welcome to join.
Most of our players enjoy a more relaxed playstyle, with focus on having fun! so if you are looking for hardcore playstyle maybe this FC is not what you are looking for.

You can find us on Ragnarok server (/tell Warlord Geria or Oraphane Felina), or join our FB group:

Look forward to meeting you!