Adventurers from across the realm stepped into the spotlight and made their steadfast debuts for all to witness their superstar performances! While the competition was fierce, it's with great honor that we present to you our winning supernovas!

As there were multiple characters listed in each entry, we have opted to list the winners by the forum handle that posted the entry.
Please note that users included within entries who did not meet the criteria put forth in the rules will be ineligible for a prize.

Grand Prize Winners:
  1. Izato (Original Post)

  2. MoenMoen (Original Post)

  3. Zavanis_Lumireis (Original Post)


  4. mochimisu (Original Post)
  5. StarKeziah (Original Post)
  6. Riddley (Original Post)
  7. Zetaboo (Original Post)
  8. InokoYamaniko (Original Post)
  9. Patita (Original Post)
  10. Kailoris (Original Post)

  11. Kallistra (Original Post)
  12. Khzera (Original Post)
  13. TrisEllery (Original Post)
  14. Chaelyn (Original Post)
  15. Zeitia (Original Post)
  16. Touch_Fluffy_Tail (Original Post)
  17. Lavarinth (Original Post)
  18. Blueyes (Original Post)
  19. Yujika (Original Post)
  20. Vincenttlf (Original Post)

  21. ColdIronCoyote (Original Post)
  22. Mogaine (Original Post)
  23. Tenshimia (Original Post)
  24. Kossuel (Original Post)
  25. Vailius (Original Post)
  26. mataruka (Original Post)
  27. Tigber (Original Post)
  28. Garbage-chan (Original Post)
  29. DarkMyst (Original Post)
  30. Liale (Original Post)

  31. Lumis_Arvalo (Original Post)
  32. ChiiBee (Original Post)
  33. Vero_Amethtyst (Original Post)
  34. TheGreenCat (Original Post)
  35. Amiasana (Original Post)
  36. Aurou (Original Post)
  37. feeshyfeesh (Original Post)
  38. Mimiberry (Original Post)
  39. KoriAnzai (Original Post)
  40. Pooky_Bear (Original Post)

  41. peachybones (Original Post)
  42. Sakuraluna (Original Post)
  43. manakete (Original Post)
  44. chalcas (Original Post)
  45. Lunasaurus (Original Post)
  46. NemuTayuun (Original Post)
  47. jiru-sama (Original Post)
  48. PanPanPancake (Original Post)
  49. PowderRune (Original Post)
  50. Synnister (Original Post)

Congratulations to all our winners and thank you to all our participants! Keep shining bright, Warriors of Light!