I've been playing ffxiv on and off since open beta and I'm getting a bit tired of doing everything by myself (although I have been in a couple of FCs in the past, it hasn't lasted)

I currently have a ilv253 Bard and am leveling AST as well who is lv 50. I like doing dungeons/raids/potd/diadem and don't mind helping with primal farms (although I don't really know the 2 newest fights, I've only done Sophia normal) I'm always willing to try other content but would need to be taught it

anyway, I'm looking for a FC to join with mature and friendly people, I don't RP (on ffxiv anyway) but I have no problem with people who do. I'm not interested in drama or people who are homophobic/racist/transphobic/misogynistic/ableist
feel free to message me here or ingame on Enrei Ittetsu if you think I have what I'm looking for