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    Couple Triple Triad Cards need their names changed to be consistent

    Apologies if this is not the right place to post this. Was unsure whether this should go in here, or in the Bug Reports forum.. I elected for here. Anyroad!
    The "Sky Armor Card" should be either be called "Magitek Sky Armor Card", or the "Magitek Sky Armor" Triple Triad Card needs to be renamed to 'Sky Armor'..

    Every. Single. One. of the Triple Triad cards has the same naming pattern. The TT cards are learned from an item that shares the same name, except with 'Card' added onto it. "Dodo" being learned from the "Dodo Card", "Coeurlregina" learned from the "Coeurlregina Card", "Laniaitte de Haillenarte" learned from the "Laniaitte de Haillenarte Card", etc.. Sky Armor Card/Magitek Sky Armor is the first card to break this naming pattern, and "The Griffin Card" teaching the "Griffin" card is the second one.

    Speaking of The Griffin... there's the issue of TWO cards sharing the name of 'Griffin'. The newest one should be known as 'The Griffin' (who players just saw the conclusion of with the 3.5 storyline), which would separate it from 'Griffin', which is the flying eagle with 4 legs. Both of them have the exact same name:
    "The Griffin" needs to have his TT card renamed, but not the item that you receive to learn the card. Make sense? D:

    "Sky Armor Card" Item ID#: 17682
    "Magitek Sky Armor" Triple-Triad-ID#: 176

    "The Griffin Card": 17683
    "Griffin" Triple-Triad-ID#: 177
    Yoshi /facepalm!

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    Ah, yes, there was a little inconsistency between the item names and the Triple Triad descriptions. We have since gone and standardized these IDs, and everything should be fine and dandy with our next update. Cheers!