* The following changes are planned for patch 1.20.
* All features are under development and subject to change.
  • The following changes to repairing will be introduced in patch 1.20.
    • Simplification of the Repair Motion
      The repair motion will be simplified and the time required for the procedure shortened.
    • Removal of the Repair Screen
      Since it is now possible to perform repairs using only dark matter, the repair screen will no longer be displayed after selecting the Repair command.
    • Repairing Accessories via Repair NPCs
      As an alternative to repairing an accessory yourself or requesting it of another PC, NPCs will be able to repair accessories as well.
    • Inclusion of Level Requirements in Item Help
      To make it clear from what level a Disciple of the Hand will be able to repair an item, item help will be updated to include this information.

    We will continue to improve repairing in further patches beyond patch 1.20.