Greetings, everyone,

I'd like to share a message from producer/director Naoki Yoshida in regards to the recent Kumamoto earthquakes in Japan.

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Hello everyone,
FFXIV Producer and Director Yoshida here.

It's touching to see so many of you posting heartfelt comments in regards to the earthquake that occurred the other day in Kumamoto. The FFXIV development and operation teams would also like to extend our deepest condolences to all of those affected by the earthquake. While minor compared to the severity of the situation, Square Enix has announced a plan to support earthquake relief efforts.
Some players have made thoughtful suggestions to help support relief efforts such as through the purchase of Crysta. We have heard your willingness to help and held a conference with each of our project teams, as well as the management divisions in our company, and we have decided to support the earthquake relief efforts as a group.

Additionally, taking the situation into account for FFXIV, we have decided to temporarily halt the automatic reclamation of housing. We anticipate those affected by this earthquake may not be able to contact our company, let alone log into the game; therefore, in the next scheduled maintenance, we'll temporarily halt the timer for the automatic reclamation for housing for approximately two weeks. However, since this change is being implemented with urgency, please note that the announcement in-game will most likely still show the days remaining until the house is automatically reclaimed.

We will stop the internally running timer and observe the situation for about two weeks to decide if we should continue to halt the timer, or to resume it. In the event that we decide to resume the timer, we will make an announcement in advance.

Lastly, I hope and pray that those in the affected areas are able to make a speedy recovery.