* This feature, planned for patch 1.19, is still in development, and therefore subject to change.
  • Patch 1.19 will see the introduction of the materia system.
    A new attribute called “spiritbond” will be added to gear, which will appear as a percentage value. Items with which the player has achieved full spiritbond can be transformed into materia and subsequently used to enhance equipment.
    • Spiritbond
      A player's spiritbond with an item increases through use. Specifically, spiritbond increases as players battle, gather, or craft while equipped with the item in question. An item's current spiritbond value can be examined via the inventory display.
      * Selling or trading an item resets your spiritbond with it.
    • Creating Materia
      Creating materia requires the “materia assimilator” key item, an apparatus which can be obtained via a quest available to players level 18 or above.
      * Certain gear cannot be converted into or enhanced with materia.
      • Materia
        Players can convert gear into materia by using the abovementioned materia assimilator. There exist diverse varieties of materia, each granting different benefits. Materia further comes in four tiers of potency, indicated via Roman numerals (I – IV).
        * Gear is permanently lost upon conversion to materia.
        * The same gear does not necessarily convert into the same materia.
        * Players can freely trade and sell materia.
        • Sample Materia
          Intelligence: Increases intelligence
          Ironman's Will: Increases strength and vitality
          Fire: Increases the power of fire-based attacks
          Sagacious Aim: Increases magic critical hit rate
    • Attaching Materia
      Attaching materia requires the “materia melder” key item, an apparatus which can be obtained via a quest available to Disciples of the Hand level 18 or above (with the exception of culinarians and alchemists). The apparatus allows players to attach one piece of materia per item.

      Players who have met certain requirements can obtain the more advanced ”augmented materia melder,” which allows the attachment of up to five pieces of materia per item. Players can never fail to attach the first piece of materia. However, the success rate progressively decreases with each subsequent piece of materia. A failed attempt to attach materia will result in the loss of all items involved in the process, barring the key item.
      * In order to attach materia to a certain piece of equipment, Disciples of the Hand must fulfill the class and level requirements for crafting it.
      * It is possible to have others attach materia on your behalf, as long as the gear you wish to enhance is tradable.
      • Catalyst Items
        Melding materia requires the use of catalyst items such as carbonized matter, germinated matter, and calcified matter. There exist several varieties of catalysts, each of which is suitable for use only on certain materia.
        • Obtaining Catalyst Items
          A new ability will be implemented which will allow Disciples of the Land to find and obtain catalyst items. The ability can be learned via a quest available to Disciples of the Land level 18 or above.
    • Purging Materia
      It is possible to have equipment purged of materia by paying a fee in gil to certain NPCs. Be warned, however, that any purged materia will permanently be lost.
      * The purging process does not destroy gear itself.
      * Only NPCs can purge materia.

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