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    Nuyunuwi S rank spawn findings

    I am bringing up an old topic pertaining to Nunyunuwi (S rank of Southern Thanalan). Just in the past months, I have reached lvl 50. Hunts was new to me at the time, but spawning S ranks seemed intriguing. Before I knew it, I was spawning S ranks in ARR like clockwork. However, one S rank eluded me and it took me a while to spawn the stealthy golem ninja Nunyunuwi.
    It took me countless hours researching, reading countless forums to find every information on the s rank and its condition. Interestingly enough, some servers spawn him very often while others are unfortunately like my server; plagued by his absence.
    My hopes from giving you this information is to share knowledge and ultimately find out a consistent method of doing this. Because though I have not found out what spawns Nuyunuwi. I have achieved somewhat of a consistent scheme. But I would like to test it further before I start claiming that.

    Our first Spawn for Nunyunuwi:
    Party consisted of one party full of 8 people. Had about 4 other people by themselves helping out that were not in parties
    1:00 reached 2 lb in our party
    1:05 Killed boss worm with adds. Had about 16 people counting us at Revenge of the Worms fate
    1:06 Nuyunuwi was found just south of Revenge of the Worms Fate <15,38>

    Our Second Spawning of Nunyunuwi:
    Party consisted of two full parties of 8. Had few others helping by themselves
    :40 Group 1 had 2 lb for blm
    :45 killed Giant worm boss at “Revenge of the Worms” Fate. Had about 12 people at the fate. No Nunyunuwi
    1:05 2nd party has 2 lb for blm full
    1:10 “Revenge of the worms” Fate 2nd time. Had about 20 people at fate
    1:13 Giant worm was killed with 2 lb
    1:15 Nunyunuwi was spotted by one of our solo helpers. Spawned right after a fate <19,19>

    Our 3rd Spawning of Nunyunwi
    Group consisted of 4 full parties. 5th joining in later
    :37 party 3 let a fate fail because they went to kill Zanig’oh
    :40 party 1 reaches 2 lb for blm. Decides to wait until after 1 hour mark to use it
    1:03 party 1 executes 2 lb. had over 20 people at fate. no s rank
    Note* Because people kept leaving parties, it took a lot longer to build up 2 lb
    1:37 party 3 builds up 2 lb
    1:40 “Revenge of the Worms” fate spawns. Over 20 people show up.
    **Our blackmage unsyncs with fate and uses 2 lb. does not kill worm boss**
    This causes us to loose most people. Chaos ensues
    1:42 Someone shouts they found Nuyunuwi. Confirmed it was him

    4th spawn of Nunyunuwi

    :15 used single lb bc "worm pissed me off"

    :44 Nunyunuwi was spotted

    note*had one full party. southern thanalan had a high population last night. unusual for our server.

    note* event fate for seasonal event was up. ran that 6 times. completed all npc activated fates.
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    Nunyunuwi's spawn method has been known for quite a while as far as I'm aware. You do all FATEs in Southern Thanalan, not letting any fail or expire, for one hour, that's it. This includes the triggered FATEs which don't show up on the map unless you are near them. We semi-regularly have PF/LS groups for this on Cerberus, and it always works.

    Also, there's a gigantic thread with a load of information about hunts (including all spawn conditions for the ARR hunts) on this very forum:

    The main post sadly hasn't been updated in a while, so the spawn conditions for the HW S-ranks are missing, but afaik all of them are known and confirmed by now (I've personally helped spawn KB, Leucrotta, & Senmurv, and I know several people who consistently spawn the other three, too).
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    i was going to post of fourth findings. he spawned without blm 2 lb. just fate grinding, 44 minutes into it. interesting. i mean we have the event fate up, so we ran that a couple times. idk if that's why it spawned faster. or it just could be because people were running fates before us. southern thanalan was popping last night. why i think the noise pollution theory could work. but, i think its safe to say the old theory is the best theory out there. i just think we are missing a mechanic with it. maybe a timer? idk. further evaluation is needed haha.

    i think the most frustrating thing about nunyunuwi is how you ask help to spawn it. people tell you how to do it and then you try. fail a bunch of times. and then start asking why it didnt work and people attack you. its extremely frustrating and it lead to me to do all this crazy stuff.

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    but thanks about the info slowpoke. i think i will check it out. our server is struggling with luecrotta right now. its interesting because we were spawning him more in the summer when heavensward came out then we are now. gonna check it out. thanks

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    I'm wasting a post to tell you this since you're new here, but you can bypass the character limit by editing your existing post. There's no reason to make multiple posts at the start of your own thread....
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    yeah i thought so. i have seen other people with longer posts. i was like, how do you do that? thanks

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