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    1.0 Introduction Monk 3.0 chakra unleashed
    2.0 Monk skill changes
    3.0 Monk new skills
    3.1 pros
    3.2 cons
    4.0 Openers
    4.1 3.07patch openers
    5.0 Fracture
    6.0 Stat weights + accuracy cap
    7.0 Tips and Tricks in encounters
    8.0 Closing statements


    While I don't claim to be the most expert in regards to monk (I don't do theorycrafting) I want give my 2 cents in regards to the job. I have mained monk since

    before final coil release I was playing it on the side during second coil as well. This guide will cover things from 3.0 onwards and will not be covering the basics

    of monk. I would assume you know the basic rotation as well. There is another thread for that. However, if there is enough request I will cover the basics and

    rotations etc.

    This guide will talk about changes in monk's skill and mainly about boss encounters tips and tricks. If you have anything you do that's helpful and not mentioned

    here, PLEASE let me know and I will add it here and give you credit.

    Monk 3.0 skill changes

    Shoulder tackle - while in 2.x you required to be at least 10 yalms away to initiate the skill in 3.0 you can use it even up close.

    Demolish - received a small buff duration. It now lasts 21secs compared to the 18secs. A small buff nontheless. However, Grease lightning applies straight after you

    use demolish (so during the start of the animation). In 2.x GL only applies AFTER the animation. This can be seen as a nerf since basically you would lose 2 secs of

    your GL due to the animation lock.

    Update 2/9/15:
    Grease lightning - had an increase in duration to 14 seconds and increased it % damage buff.

    Update 26/2/16:
    Demolish - received a potency buff from 40 to 50 per tick

    Howling Fist - received a potency buff from 170 to 210

    Monk 3.0 NEW SKILLS

    Form shift - one of the best things to happen to monks. This skill allows you to go to the "next" form while using 1 gcd. I.E - start with no form. Use Form shift.

    Enter Opo Opo form. Use Form shift again. Enter Raptor form. etc.

    Meditation/Forbidden Chakra - Meditation uses 1 GCD per click and uses a stacking system. 5 stack = unlocks forbidden chakra. A strong Ogcd skill with a potency of


    Elixir Field - 220 potency AOE attack around you.

    Purification - restores 300 TP. needs 5 stack of meditation to use.

    Tornado Kick - 330 potency but you use all 3 GL stack.

    Pros NEW SKILL

    Form shift - definitely a lot of pros with this new skill. You can use it during down times on bosses you can save your gl3 by going to coeurl form and initiate

    demolish or snap punch on boss when it becomes targetable or at start of battles to initiate demolish and gain 1 stack of GL straight away.

    Meditation/Forbidden chakra - Like form shift you can start using meditation during down times, forbidden chakra has a good potency so make sure you stack meditation

    when you can.

    Elixir Field - Monk's best AOE skill every 30secs. No need to say anything.

    Purification - restores 300 tp. Basically use during TP starving stages.

    Tornado kick - Use during times when you know boss will be untargetable in a few secs. Good dps increase.

    Cons of NEW SKILL

    Form shift - requires gcd for each use and have to rotate from 1st -> 3rd form so if you make a mistake BYE BYE GL.

    Meditation/Forbidden Chakra - requires 5 stack which you normally wont have enough time to stack on normal occassions. On certain encounters you will be using this a

    lot though.

    Elixir Field - no cons. In fact, this skill is OP

    Purification - like FC. You need 5 stack of meditation and reserve this on special encounters.

    Tornado Kick - you lose ALL your GL stack… c'mon its GG when you lose all your GL. Sadly this skill is on very special occassions only.

    Monk 3.0 has few changes in opener from 2.x

    Since demolish has been changed it is now impossible to do the old opener unless we get more skill speed. GL being applied at the initial hit of demolish loses 2secs

    of GL due to the animation lock. I've experimented on different rotations and in essence I actually made the same rotation with the people in the official forums.

    PS: below is old opener for early 3.0. It is still not a bad opener but changes to GL has made it a little irrelevant.

    stack 5 meditation

    Form shift to coeurl form-> shoulder tackle -> demolish -> perfect balance -> snap punch -> blood for blood -> snap punch -> internal release -> dragon kick -> steel

    peak -> twin snakes -> howling fist -> snap punch -> (perfect balance drops here) elixir field -> touch of death -> Forbidden chakra -> boot shine -> true strike ->

    demolish -> Fracture OR Dragon kick (Blood for blood drops) -> continue with normal rotation.

    Patch 3.07 openers

    Update 29/8: Since GL duration has increased, it is again possible to go back to the old 2.x opener. While the 3.0 opener can still be used, maximising our

    dps opener is our main goal. Here, we will discuss some of the good openers that has been suggested.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ossom View Post
    Snap > PB > Snap > Demo > Dragon Kick > Twin > B4B > Snap > IR > ToD > XPOT > Boot > Elixer > True > Howling > Snap >

    Steel Peak
    > Dragon > Shoulder Tackle > Twin > Forbidden > Demo > Bootshine.

    W/ the SS I have now (575) the IR drops right after the second Demo and B4B and Xpot drop right after that last bootshine.
    Thank you Ossom for this opener.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lilyth View Post
    (PB) Demo --> Snap --> Snap (B4B) --> DK (IR) --> TwS (Pot) --> ToD (Elixir Field) --> Boot (Steel Peak) --> True (Howling Fist) --> Snap

    (Forbidden C) --> DK --> TWS --> Demo (Pot falls off).

    Here I line up B4B/IR/Pot one GCD later. The reason for it is I don't like the idea of "wasting" one GCD with the Pot's buff on a not fully buffed Twin Snakes. It

    also ends right in time for the last Demo to get buffed by it.
    Thank You Lilyth for this opener.

    PS: If you are not using pots just remove the XPOT and follow on with the next ogcd. I am personally using Ossom's opener at the moment until we get more consensus on

    the best opener.


    Fracture is debatable at the moment, during my tests theres very small difference in dps increase/loss can't really tell but I do notice a drop in dps as I try

    to keep reapplying fracture.(Probably the best time I find to reapply fracture is when demolish is about 4-5secs left and gl is still about 7secs this should line up

    quite nicely on the rotation). While it has a special place in our rotation during those times when boss jumps etc. at this point I can't really say its good to keep

    reapplying it. If you find it really good then by all means use it and prove me wrong since I really want to keep using fracture in our rotation.

    Update 21/7: About Fracture

    So I did some testing on fracture and where we can fit it in our rotation and someone in the forums has mentioned a good way of knowing when to use fracture.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hakmatic View Post
    Two things I look for when you using fracture. Is demo 4-5secs left and is ToD at 10+ seconds, if the answer to both is yes, fracture. That

    is about the only time I use it, no reason to over use fracture and suffer TP lose or rotational errors.
    Thank You Hakmatic for this information.

    The only thing I will add to this is, the priority system of your DoTs/buffs. DK>TS>Demo>ToD>Fracture. As mentioned by a few forumers it is not currently possible to

    apply fracture 100% of the time. The easier way I find when to apply fracture is this. APPLY IT DURING YOUR DK+TS rotation, this ensures that after applying DK+TS

    these skills won't fall off later in your rotation.

    I'll show you an example of the rotation. For argument's sake you will be in GL3.
    537 ss= 2.06 secs gcd

    DK + TS + DEMO + ToD
    BS + TrS + SP
    DK + TS + SP + Fracture
    BS + TrS + DEMO
    DK + TS + SP + ToD
    BS + TrS + SP
    DK + TrS + DEMO + Fracture

    Notice that you will only apply ToD or fracture every time after DK rotation, of course in a real fight this will not always be the case. So the priority system must

    be applied. Also note that fracture will not be 100% on all the time but ToD will be.


    NOTE: During real fights try to apply Hakmatic's rules as well. Does DEMO have 4-5secs + ToD 10+secs left?

    If that confuses the hell out of you Zamii also posted this.

    Quote Originally Posted by Zamii View Post
    i just use the dragon kick timer as my indicator when i get around to opo-opo form, if dragon kick has 3-4 seconds left, apply fracture there.

    its in a slightly different place i think to how hak does it, but the end result is the same, just feels easier watching only 1 timer instead of 2
    Thanks Zamii.

    Stat Weights

    WD: 12.668
    STR: 1.000
    DET: 0.176
    CRT: 0.228
    SS: 0.137

    Thanks to Dervy for the stat weights.

    Update 18/3: Copied ariyala's stat weights in.

    Tips and Tricks in encounters

    Bismarck EX

    1. Remember to use form shifts during down times and change to coeurl form then start stacking meditation.

    2. During the dps check when you are about to get the debuff you can push your last hit before it changes and then use form shift to wait for the next debuff.

    3. During dragon chain stack up meditation and go to coeurl form. Make sure you have forbidden chakra to use on Bismarck.

    4. Dont worry about purification in this fight you won't need it.

    Ravana EX

    1. Remember to use form shifts during down times and change to coeurl form then start stacking meditation.

    2. When he casts prelude to liberation keep dpsing until the bar hits the E in liberation that is your que to move out or he will hit you. Remember to use Tornado

    Kick as well as you won't be able to save your GL no matter how hard you try when he jumps.

    3. Use tornado kicks when Ravana is about to finish casting his liberations. Make sure to give yourself a few secs grace as tornado kick hit has a delay.

    4. If your the only melee dps make sure to LB3 during his attack form (pretty much when he uses any of his liberation skills :P).

    Alexander Floor 1 HM

    mini boss

    standard dummy fight you should be parsing same as dummy parse.


    When a 2nd boss drops you can either stay or go to the other one depending on your group.

    1. Shoulder tackle adds to get initial hate. Dont worry you should be able to solo 1 of them and wont die. Make sure you take them where the line/s are so it would

    minimize raid damage.

    2. Update 21/7: Once the big missiles turn small and disappears this is pretty much indication to use 1gcd + TK + another gcd. TK is used early due to the damage


    3. Remember to use form shifts during down times and change to coeurl form then start stacking meditation.

    Alexander Floor 2 HM

    1. Depending on party composition you may or may not want to save meditation stacks for purification.

    2. You can AOE if tanks stack mobs and you know you will get a TP song or goad later.

    3. There is not much down time here and if there is, there is about 1-2 sec downtime so I suggest using meditation during these times as you wont be needing to use

    form shifts at all since mobs will spawn straight away.

    4. Use invigorate as soon as appropriate.

    Alexander Floor 3 HM

    1. When boss turns into hand make sure you have shoulder tackle up since he would use Wash Away and push everyone back. If your tank is smart they can either use

    holmgang or Tempered Will to avoid the knockback (I don't know if DRK has a skill that prevents push).

    2. Update 6/9: Before the boss changes from human->hand he will use his raid wide aoes for the 2nd time during the 1st phase. This is the indication to either use TK or use SP depending where you are in your combo you can save your gl or not. (With the current update to GL im not sure if you can save gl if you are stuck in coeurl form whilst he is changing form, in the past it is not possible) Also make sure you form shift to coeurl while he is changing forms and charge chakra.

    3. When boss is about to change form from 2 hands to typhoon use Tornado Kick as whatever you do here you will lose GL since the transformation takes ages and you

    have to wait for adds to pop too. I will update this as soon as I'm confident with the timings.

    Update 14/7: If OT provokes other hand quite fast. You can check how much debuff both tanks will get. On the 7th debuff (blunt resistance down) use TK, this is the

    indication they will go to next transformation and you will lose GL regardless.

    3. Can't say this enough, use elixir field on both hands if you can. Also use elixir on adds if they are near each other you can hit both of them this will increase

    your dps output

    Alexander Floor 4 HM

    1. Not much downtime here. Save shoulder tackle in phase 2 after you killed 1 of the legs. You can solo 1 of the adds without any problems.

    2. If you get sucked in. Pray to god you can save your gl stack. Some days you will, some you won't.

    3. As a monk I don't really try to get the orbs since this is a dps loss and thats what OT and range are for. If you really have to make sure you save shoulder

    tackle for after you take 1 ball. Otherwise stay on the boss.
    Update: I forgot to mention if you really need to get orbs and there are still 2 legs you can hit 1 of the other legs so you don't lose gl

    4. Snipers - If your group requires you to take 1 of the hit make sure you form shift/meditate during the wait.

    5. If you are pro enough. Go between the both legs during p1 and use elixir field, you should be able to damage both legs at the same time.

    Update 14/7: 6. Everytime 1 leg dies, you will be able to hit the main body for a certain amount of time before it uses wide raid AOE, it takes about 7 or 8 gcds (I

    recommend just 7 needs more testing and will change depending on your SS and situation) before it becomes untargetable. If you can refresh your GL just before it

    becomes untargetable, you will be able to save your gl for the next phase via form shift. If you know you can't refresh gl ahead of time its best to use TK since you

    won't be able to refresh GL due to the long animation. (I haven't counted down how long it is but I noticed even if I'm on raptor form then shift to coeurl I still

    can't save my gl)

    Update 23/08: Alexander Floor 1 SAVAGE

    1. During add phase, pick up your add. You can keep dpsing the boss until resin bomb + lasers then take your add to your assigned location then concentrate on your

    add. you should have no problem killing your add at all. ( you can also save your AOE skills during add phase to hit boss and your add at the same time ).

    Note: If you have a regular static it may be wise to talk to the tank where he is placing his resin bomb. Both of you can stack together to avoid spreading more

    puddles + you can keep dpsing boss as well.

    2. TK timing: after the bombs drop, the boss will do a set of moves LASER->RAID AOE->FRONTAL CLEAVE. After the frontal cleave, do 1 gcd skill then use TK and you can

    sneak in another gcd skill. Reason I use TK in the middle is I still not 100% sure if TK hits if the animation happens but damage number doesn't appear.

    3. During jump phase. You can stack 5 meditation stacks and use purification and stack another 5 afterwards. Very helpful after 1st jump since you will be low in TP

    at that point but other times you can just do it for the lols.

    Update 29/2/16: Alex Floor 3 SAVAGE

    Quote Originally Posted by SpookyGhost View Post
    Cleave -> Protean Wave -> Cleave -> Stomp x 3 -> Cleave -> Sluice -> Stomp x 3 -> Cleave -> Transition
    Make sure you are not in coeurl form before the phase change or you may not be able to save gl. Thanks SpookyGhost for this info.

    2. Charge up chakras during phase changes. Form shift if necessary to maintain GL. note: you cannot save gl from p2->p3 of the fight

    3. Save shoulder tackle for the knockback skill. (Just make sure you dont get any digititis debuff that you are not meant to get )

    4. Use Elixir Field on 2 hand phase. You can also use demolish + ToD on both hands, however you may not want to do this if your group is struggling with dps as dps check is pretty tight.

    5. During add phase make sure you have a stun skill to stun the big add while its casting its skill.

    Closing statement

    Monks are still considered to be top 1-3 dps in the game. Depending on player skill you can reach the top all the time. Dragoon and Ninja have surprisingly battled

    their way to the top. Hopefully Monks will get QoL changes in some skills and ensure that Monks stay at the top of the dps chain.

    I will update this as I go along and find new tricks to make sure our dps stays strong but until then laters~

    P.S. If you want to contribute anything at all and know of things I have not mentioned please PM me in game or reply in this thread. Also in regards to gearing I

    won't say anything at the moment since we don't have much of a choice in that regard yet.

    Updated 13/7/15: alex floor 4 hm. Fracture timings added. Please re-read if you havn't already.
    Update 14/7: alex floor 3 and 4 TK timings.
    Update 16/7: alex floor 1 TK timings/saving gl.
    Update 21/7: Fracture in rotation. Alex F1 (currently not possible to save gl since downtime too long. Please if you can save gl here let me know, I tried applying

    demo/sp just before boss jump but still lose GL)
    Update 8/8: Stat weights + accuracy cap
    Update 23/8: alex floor 1 SAVAGE
    Update 29/8: accuracy cap. Added new openers.
    Update 2/9: Changes in monk skill added gl buff from recent update. Table of contents added.
    Update 6/9: Added tip for alex floor 3 norm.
    Update 7/9: Added tip for alex floor 3 savage.
    Update 28/11: Updated stat weights.
    Update 26/2/16: Updated monk skill buffs Howling fist + demolish
    Update 29/2/16: Updated A3S tips and tricks
    Update 19/3/16: stat weights updated
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    Thordon EX

    Phase 1 Thordon alone

    1. After thordan uses his heavenly heel he will do another auto attack before changing phase, make sure you use Tornado Kick before he does.

    2. Pro tip: In all his dragon gaze including later phases, watch for the cast bar, once it finishes casting you can turn around and continue to dps him. You will still dodge it even when the animation goes off.

    Phase 2

    1.Do mechanics + Form shift + charge chakra

    2. Kill add make sure to use Tornado Kick before he finishes casting.

    Phase 3 - 2 knights

    1. Save shoulder tackle as the knights will randomly be in shield or sword oath, use shoulder tackle when switching target.

    2. If you don't have shoulder tackle for the next change and get targeted by the jump, charge chakra as you walk around the arena, form shift if you have to but I think you should have plenty of time for GL not to fall off.

    3. Use forbidden chakra as soon as you hit GL3 on the add because if you are targeted by jump you can use this time to charge it up again.

    4. Use Tornado kick prior to killing the last knight.

    Phase 4 - Meteors

    1. charge up chakra. Do mechanics. Form shift to coeurl.

    2. Tornado Kick Big meteor circle prior to killing it.

    Phase 5 - Knights tackling healers

    1. Do what you normally do here.

    Phase 6 - Pillars

    1. If you don't have to do pillars stick to boss.

    Phase 7-9 - Lightning storm to end

    1. Do mechanics, Form shift as necessary and charge up chakra if you are doing any mechanic.

    2. One particular that comes to mind is when you have to stack in the middle and get knockback + Dragon Rage is a good time to charge up your chakras again.

    3. You can use Tornado Kick when you know you have to do a long mechanic and will not be able to save GL and stack that chakra.

    4. I think I haven't said this enough, use that dang Tornado Kick at the end.

    Alexander Midas

    Alexander Midas Floor 1 Normal

    1. During when the boss is big and he uses the skill "boost" you can keep dpsing up to half way of the charge and use Tornado Kick afterwards as you need to go to the purple mud to transform into a bird. You will not be able to save GL unfortunately.

    2. When adds spawn, let your OT take the adds near the boss and you can use elixir field/howling fist to hit all targets.

    3. Tornado Kick prior to kill.

    Quote Originally Posted by Carstien View Post
    Couple of things for the tips in the opening post. I'm sure veteran monks already know these but it isn't veterans I expect to be reading that, so...

    Midas 1 - If you know your healer you can stay on the boss until the end of his cast bar and still make the puddle if it's triggered late enough into the animation. Finish on a stack refresh and transform back after 2 punches to keep stacks. Heavy damage so have an agreeable healer, but you can survive anything at this level.
    note: I would not recommend this if your ilvl is low and not have a agreeable healer.

    Alexander Midas Floor 2 Normal

    1. Use Tornado kick before each boss dies.

    2. On the last boss, if you get the shiva circle, whilst moving out of the group charge up your chakra and form shift as necessary.

    Alexander Midas Floor 3 Normal

    1. When the boss targets someone to be picked up, charge your chakra and form shift as necessary.

    Alexander Midas Floor 4 Normal

    Note: I'm trialing making a video instead of just listing it for you guys. I thought having a visual guide will make things more easier to process. This is a monk perspective on the fight with captions. There is no music because when I record in game sounds it captures the rest of my group chatting. I thought I would leave all that out xD.

    Sephirot EX

    Update 12/3/16: added new annotations in the video.
    1. using purification during phase change 2-3
    2. using shoulder tackle during first ping pong to use 2 gcd instead of 1 to save your gl.

    Quote Originally Posted by Carstien View Post
    Sephirot Ex - Feel free to burn PB for damage in phase 3 as the only time you should need it for stacks is the start of the phase. No mechanic should make you drop stacks if done right.

    Midas Savage Floor 1

    Update 5/4/16 - video finally uploaded:

    1. Use shoulder tackle at the beginning of the fight. This allows shoulder tackle be up for the prey mechanic in the opening phase.

    2. Make sure to save shoulder tackle when you know Prey mechanic is coming up. If you don't have shoulder tackle up make sure to charge chakra as you run to the boss. If you get prey mechanic make sure to charge up your chakras and if need be form shift.

    3. Use Tornado Kick when he is about to use Boost. If you are near the purple puddle you can get a few more gcds before using TK. Plus depends how long your group plans to have puddles up. Also make sure you have dots up on the boss. ToD and Fracture.

    4. Use AOE during all add phases. Yes even on snakes + chimera. They go down pretty quickly so no need to DoT them. Chimera maybe leave a demolish otherwise AOE. (Rockbreaker)

    5. Form shift/charge appropriately whilst moving to safe spot during bomb phases. You can hit the normal bombs whilst moving to position to save your GL (only do this if the bomb is on the way to the safe spot). You shouldn't really lose GL at all in the fight apart from the boost part of the fight.

    6. Tornado Kick boss prior to killing.

    Midas Savage Floor 2


    Update 21/4/16: Finally 1st video for blaster is up:



    Update 22/4/16: Swindler video up!


    Update 18/7/16: Vortexer video up!

    Quote Originally Posted by Ossom View Post
    A6s Tips, haven't been to far in the fight since my group has been having some attendance issues (a lot of RL stuff popping up for peeps). But still some things I noticed :

    • Howling Fists : Don't use it in your opener, you can hit 3 of the Blaster Mirages during the DPS check if you back up far enough. This means you get 3 Hits instead of 1 if you just wait ~40 Seconds into the fight.
    • You can hit two of the Blaster Mirages with Rockbreaker if you back up far enough.
    • You can hit all 5 Blaster Mirages with Elixir Field if you stack on top of the middle one.
    • I wouldn't put any dots on the mirages (maybe Demo but I haven't counted the tics yet)
    • Don't end up being the person doing the Mind Blast mechanic
    • Since I do not think TP will be an issue, you can look into using Arm of the Destroyer instead of Bootshine to hit all 5 of the Blaster Mirages (Only worth it while all 5 are alive). 5 X 50 Potency = 250, (1 Crit ~275 Potency, 2 Crits ~300 Potency, 3 Crits ~ 325 Potency, 4 Crits ~ 350 Potency, 5 Crits ~ 375 Potency). Compared to Bootshines 225 Potency (150 * 1.5 Crit Modifier) Of course this changes a bit due to the Crit Damage Modifier added in 3.0 but this is close enough to show my point.

    • Try and end up being the person baiting the closest Stun Lock attack, so you don't need to move away from the boss.
    • I suggest you just hold shoulder tackle to handle the mechanics where you do need to back away from the boss.
    • This is a pretty straight forward fight until the end so there isn't much you can do but try and sneak back in early for mechanics. You don't need to actually wait for the single target missile to go off before you go back in btw, you can run back in when he starts turning and you shouldn't get one shotted. (Just don't Shoulder Tackle immediately after he starts to turn, wait like half a second or so).
    Thank You Ossom for this info.

    Midas Savage Floor 3

    Update 25/8/16: A7S video up!

    If the video was too fast for you here are the main things to worry about:

    1. Ask your group not to do any of the jail mechanic to maximize your dps.

    First phase

    1. Use your opener, if you get targeted by the big aoe then tough luck, if you don't then continue as always. If a party member is close to you during this phase, you can move to the main tank area to avoid the big aoe circles and keep dpsing.

    2. If you use shoulder tackle on your opener then it should be up for the party wide bomb mechanic. While placing your bomb, charge your chakra 3-4x and form shift as needed then shoulder tackle the boss.

    3. If you are doing bomb mechanic, place it where it needs to be placed, once you have put it in place, you can either shoulder tackle or walk up to the boss and do another gcd before it flies up BUT be careful of zoom doom.

    4. make sure to use forbidden chakra during these phases as you won't need purification just yet.

    5. charge chakra/form shift as needed during add phases. This applies to all the add/jail phases in the fight.

    Second phase

    1. DPS heart and charge your chakra/form shift as needed if you need to dodge boulders or need to walk back to the boss if you don't have shoulder tackle up.

    Third Phase

    1. After the 2nd bomb/jail mechanic make sure to charge up as much chakra as you can then, continue dpsing. If you fully charged your chakra then you can use forbidden chakra unless you forgot to use invigorate and need TP.

    2. If you are not fully charge, you can just leave it because another party bomb phase will happen, in which case is your final opportunity to fully charge your chakra and use purification.

    Fourth Phase

    1. Use fracture as much as possible, since this phase you will be missing alot of your positionals.

    2. You can choose to use mantra after the "dance" phase to help your healers or save it for later.

    Fifth Phase

    1. DPS heart, charge chakra/form shift as needed. Dodge boulders.

    2. mantra after the 2nd heart if you saved it.

    Last Phase

    1. If you need to drop the bomb, do so, but you can move back to the boss as soon as it is in a safe position to keep your gl up BUT be careful of zoom doom.

    2. Tornado kick before boss dies.


    Update 15/6/16: Nidhogg ex video up!



    Phase 1
    Just do normal combo + dodge

    Phase 2
    1. If you skip soar then great! if not use Tornado Kick!

    2. Charge chakra when you don't skip soar then form shift appropriately.

    Phase 3 (add phase)

    1. You can AOE here, you have to use purification if no NIN or not TP SONG

    Phase 4

    1. You can still do positionals but be careful

    2. Use Tornado kick while he is charging soar

    3. Charge chakra while waiting and form shift appropriately.

    4. Tornado kick at the end.










    Updated 27/11: Thordon EX
    Updated 29/2/16: Alexander Midas Normal added.
    Updated 6/3/16: Sephirot EX
    Updated 12/3/16: Added new annotations in the the Sephirot EX fight.
    Updated 17/3/16: Added Midas savage floor 1 + partial floor 2.
    Updated 5/4/16: Added midas savage floor 1 video
    Updated 21/4/16: Added midas savage floor 2 video BLASTER
    Updated 22/4/16: Added midas savage floor 2 video BRAWLER + SWINDLER
    Updated 15/6/16: Added Nidhogg EX
    Updated 18/7/16: Added midas savage floor 2 video VORTEXER
    Updated 25/8/16: Added midas savage floor 3 video + written tips
    Updated 3/10/16: Added Alexander normal floor 9-12 and Alexander savage floor 9
    Updated 7/10/16: Added Sophia EX
    Updated 22/10/16: Added Alexander savage floor 10
    Updated 30/12/16: Added Alexander savage floor 11
    Updated 30/1/17: Added Zurvan EX
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    I wish Tornado kick had a thundercloud effect, where on GL refresh theres a chance we could use it for free. Before heavensward came out I was debating on jumping ship, but it was in the job actions trailer that I saw tornado kick and I knew I'd be a monk main for the foreseeable future. Such and awesome move its just a pity we hardly get to use it. On trash it becomes a sort of execute and in a boss fight its ether only for key moments or a sign of our inability.

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    Update 14/7: Alexander Floor 3 Timing TK from 2 hand form -> Typhoon


    I do agree TK needs some tweaking, it feels underpowered and very situational. The situational part I can live with, but at least increase the potency since we are using all of our gl stacks for it. I know there are alot of good suggestions out there and I hope SE listens to some of them.
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    Theirs a logic fella MNK are saying that we should not QQ about our skills because TK and FC arnt suppose to be used much and only really as a filler. I call BS on that. No other jobs got new skills that they don't use a lot. Whats the point of given us skills that we use so seldom? Id love for them to increase TK potency back to 500 then we could use it in our normal rotation and then all the GL 3 QQ could stop. Also making FC gain a stack on every GL refresh would be nice and just lower the potency or put a cd on it to balance it out. Just my 2 cent,

    Thanks for the guide op

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    An extra tidbit about Floor 1 in Alex, you can in fact use Elixir Field in the middle of the boss's location to grab both adds and pull both to the laser. I do this all the time and manage to tank them, with the other DPS helping burn them down fast enough to get back on the boss.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RyuDragnier View Post
    An extra tidbit about Floor 1 in Alex, you can in fact use Elixir Field in the middle of the boss's location to grab both adds and pull both to the laser. I do this all the time and manage to tank them, with the other DPS helping burn them down fast enough to get back on the boss.
    I prefer picking them up with howling fist, mostly because I've never been a fan of moving inside a monsters targeting circle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MiruWest View Post
    Theirs a logic fella MNK are saying that we should not QQ about our skills because TK and FC arnt suppose to be used much and only really as a filler. I call BS on that. No other jobs got new skills that they don't use a lot. Whats the point of given us skills that we use so seldom? Id love for them to increase TK potency back to 500 then we could use it in our normal rotation and then all the GL 3 QQ could stop. Also making FC gain a stack on every GL refresh would be nice and just lower the potency or put a cd on it to balance it out. Just my 2 cent,

    Thanks for the guide op
    i do agree there needs to be changes with some of our skills. Tk needs a potency increase for sure. Meditation needs some sort of change but i can live with it for now.. Lets wait and see.

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    Good tips but you are right, you certainly are no monk expert.

    I haven't levelled mine yet but through looking at the skill list alone I can tell you that TK is a dps increase if used correctly in your rotation.

    In a sustained fight with few breaks, the final phase of A4 immediately coming to mind, you can Tornado Kick off gcd before an immediate snap punch. Use pb, again off gcd, then two more snap punches. Gl3 is powerful indeed, but doing this mitigates the majority of the drawback of Tornado Kick, while ensuring your dps actually increased as opposed to not using it. In fact, I would test without pb too, because you will be surprised with the results.

    For best effect, time your Tornado Kick to the last 2 seconds of b4b. This will make sure you aren't wasting a powerful buff on those 5< seconds you are without GL3.

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    I have to say parse on dummy is a bit unfair for MNKs atm as Forbidden Chakra and Tornado Kick can each only be used once during the standard 3-minute duration otherwise you would be losing dps, so only Elixir Field is the addition to our rotations for dummy parse (that is ONLY 1 of our 5 new abilities). So, the statement of dummy parse showing max potential for jobs is no longer valid in my opinion.

    We would now have to look at parses from actual fights (either new EX Primals or Alex raids) to be able to truly compare MNK with other jobs since the downtimes are when our other new abilities can really shine.

    In perspective, with only Elixir Field and one-time use of FC and TK MNK currently parses at 1157 dps over 3mins at i178 (credit to scx), so this is relatively 'balanced' compared to the other melee DPS but is also the reason why I can't see SE making any drastic beneficial changes to Meditate and TK, as it would cause MNK to pull far ahead and thus, disrupt that balance.

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