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wasent fenrir mention somewhere in the lore regarding the moons and being the actual moons deity pet/companion? ...like in 1.0 or something
This was actually a theory of mine when Dalamud became more prominent and I posted about it quite a lot. Dalamud was called Menphina's Hound (Fenrir being a dog/wolf) and the red hue became Menphina's Hound bathing in the blood of the Vile Fiend (no theory to what this actually was). Fenrir COULD still be Menphina's Hound...almost nothing is known about the Twelve and really what the Primals are or their purpose. We know Midgarsormr was a Guardian (of Silvertear Lake) and Travanchet (an Ascian from 1.0) stole a Horn that was said to be used in the sealing of Seal Rock (real name maybe lost in history?) and that within Seal Rock was a great beast (Thalaos? I believe) sealed away by Llymalaen. So there are indeed great beasts still out there (Nidohogg being one that is still alive)..

There's nothing stopping Fenrir and Diabolos becoming more prominent in later storylines, I think the issue is that they're simply in dungeons that we run for a few weeks and then forget about. Though personally I thought Fenrir would return as a boss for Amdapor Keep HM and flesh out the Lambs of Dalamud storyline who are still obsessed with Dalamud, again the lesser moon being Menphina's Hound.