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    [FC] Friendly Fire FC <Noob> Recruiting

    Friendly Fire FC now recruiting!

    We are a small (25ish active members) free company based on Ragnarok that is hoping to expand our family!
    We are looking for drama-llama free members who wants to socialise, have fun and party together. All jobs and levels of experience welcome.
    The majority of our members are UK based, with some EU and NA members joining us as well.
    We are a casual free company with a medium sized den of debauchery - check us out in the Goblet, Ward 4, Plot 8.

    Our members enjoy helping each other with casual end game content, including:
    clearing extreme trials, primals, turn 5 and other story content.
    We are also hoping to get some FC groups going for training second coil and playing together in PVP content!

    We have a Mumble server, a FaceBook group, and a Website. Please ask for more details!

    Please drop us a note on this thread, or catch us online near our hobbit hole, or contact:
    - Joseph Drake
    - Kris Riordan
    - Sheen Cartry
    - Snusmumriken Wirtanen
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